Humor Me Friday + Guest Comics.

This Friday I have something special. Some of you may already know Chris Dean from Life Your Way!  but do you know about her comic blog–Totally Random Shuffle? I recently found it and loved it! I went through all the posts in a single afternoon and keep coming back. The characters have become favorites of mine and I really enjoy the comics themselves. 

For today's Humor Me Friday installment, Chris has graciously allowed me to feature one of her most recent comics. In this strip she explores the hardships bloggers have in communicating with non-bloggers. To get the full benefit of the comic click here to read the contrasting definitions she provides.

Don't forget to check out Chris' other comics here and click here to meet the characters!
P.S. Also don't forget to link up for TidBit Thursday!


  1. I can't tell you how honored I am to be featered here. Thank you so very much!


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