It seems to get easier and easier to lose sight of God and His greatness. It's even possible to lose sight of Him while doing good, while working for Him and while praising His name. It seems to get easier and easier to get wrapped up in our actions, motives, and outcomes that we become too busy to reflect on Who it is we are living for. The Bible tells us that Christ is our example as to how we are to live (John13:15), and it also says that what we meditate upon is what we shall become
(Proverbs 23:7). So today I just want to take that minute to not ask God for anything, not to speak to Him of my trials and worries, rather to reflect on Him and thank Him for Who He is. Join me?

     Earlier today I was reading a passage that mentioned how the last thing an artist does when he finishes a painting is sign it. The author of that passage then drew a parallel to how the Creator made sure to leave His autograph on each of His handiworks. What is His autograph? Love. On every flower petal, every leaf, every beating heart and every drop of rain or ray of sun–all creation sings of God's mighty works of love. 

     When Christ was here on earth He exemplified the characteristics of God. Upon visiting the temple in Jerusalem and seeing how the building that was meant to be a house of worship was instead being used as a market place where sellers of animals swindled buyers who came to purchase animals for their sacrifices, Christ twice rose up and drove them out of the temple. Rather than complaining to His father or disciples, Christ Himself acted towards clearing the temple. 

     One episode of Jesus' life that always has a humbling effect on me is His "trial" before Annas, Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin. There were so many things legally wrong with the way Christ was tried. The accusations were false, the trial was performed during the night which was against Jewish law, and there were times when one look from Christ could have freed Him from His oppressors. Yet the attitude with which He bore everything that passed that night and those days strikes my heart that still has so much to learn about letting things go without need of defending myself. He was quiet and subordinate throughout the whole ordeal and at times did not even waste His breath on questions He knew were asked not out of sincerity but out of scorn. 

God is love.
God is righteous anger. God is active.
God is wisdom, meekness and submissiveness to Divine plan.

     These are just of my thoughts as to Who He is. What about you? What are some of your favorite attributes of God?


  1. Such a thoughtful post. it is so true that I need to do the same and give thanks to him for all his blessings. Sometimes things get so busy or I am over the top stressed I forget to "stop" and reflext.

    1. That's what life does to us sometimes. Thanks for reflecting along with me. :)


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