Abbotsford Berry Fest.

It's still an hour away from Tuesday so technically I made it and posted the festival photos on Monday as strictly not promised on Sunday. The berry fest is.. well.. it's kind of like a fair, I guess. And nearby farmers and merchants get to put up tents and sell produce and goods. 
There are quite a few interesting characters...
And magicians...
The Agrifair is a bigger fair that seems to be the biggest of all deals here in Abbotsford. But I wouldn't know because I've never been to one and, unfortunately, we won't be here for this year's either. Maybe next year! :D
Books on sale for a twoonie.
I. love. this.
*squeal and burp a rainbow*
Stands selling all sorts of things:
(these cupcakes are actually bath fizzle thingies)
Mini golf:
Now ain't she gorgeous?
I always thought this place was the cutest thing! It's a little tea house with a clever name. ;)
It's a berry fest so say hello to Ms. Strawberry! 
And then there was this one booth/tent/place that had taken animals that they rescued for all to see. And touch. Turtle:
Snakes (I touched this one! I actually touched it!):
Mother touched this one:
But I zoomed in my lens as far as it would go, snapped this shot and got out of there because look:
And then the last booth we visited was kind of like LegoLand:


  1. Looks like fun! In my neck of the woods, we celebrate the start of strawberry season with as much fan fare as we do the 4th of July: parades, carnivals, tons of fair's a blast!

    1. Strawberries are very much reason to celebrate!

  2. Love your outfits in the photos!

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