Berry Blue.

     Abbotsford gets really busy during the summer. There are parades, fireworks and this weekend we had a berry fest. Today we went out to see what the berry fest brought to town, but those pictures are for another day (I won't say when I'm posting it because every time I say I'm going to post about something on a certain day it doesn't work. So I won't tell you that I'm planning on posting the pictures tomorrow so that I don't jinx it.)

     It was refreshing to not have to find a corner here in the backyard to take outfit styles and I think taking the photos at the fest give a more candid look. It's less awkward, too. Hehe. I wore another dress, today. Obviously during my hunt for the perfect dress I've found a few that are holding me over until I find the one. Also, this is what happens when I let my hair grow long, wash it and then let it air dry. BOOM-POOF-FRIZZ. Oh look it's Mia Thermopolis pre-Paolo! Enjoy.
White top - Ardene (previously seen here)
Dress - Smart Set
Flip-flops - Brazil (previously seen here)
See you tomorrow when I finally get around to posting the Berry Fest Photos!


  1. You dress is so pretty--and really, you have lovely hair, even if this wasn't it's best day! :P

  2. Gorgeous. I wish I had so many cute dresses, I'd wear them more.

    1. I've had to put it in my mind that I will find dresses and wear them, but they're somewhat hard to find that I like, that fit and that are rather modest. Thanks, Jewels!


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