São Paulo, Brazil.

      This year I had the opportunity to shadow my uncle (the owner of a health food store chain) around downtown São Paulo, Brazil while he went around his business errands. He's currently investing on advertising on TV a new product that he (along with his wife, a nutritionist) co-created with a lab.

     Every once in a while he goes on air and promotes the products himself. During the last day that I would be spending in Brazil this summer, he would be going on air and he invited me to go visit the set with him.

     As a Communications student, arriving on set was an enormous thrill and the only damper on the whole day was the fact that each exciting thing that happened was a moment closer to the end of my stay with these wonderful people in this wonderful place.

     For the most part I was able to put those feeling aside and marvel at what I could see around me. I wasn't sure where to look first, what to observe first, what to take in first... until we got to downtown São Paulo where the studios are. I've always loved staring and admiring buildings. I'm almost sure 'architecture' would be a more technical term, however, then you might think I know what I'm talking about. Which I don't. When it comes to 'architecture' appreciation, all I know is what I like.

     What I like can normally be summed into one word: old. I love the look of worn and weathered buildings that seem to be sagging underneath the load of stories they have to tell, the eras they have seen, the people they have known and the gossip and events they have heard and witnessed. I like buildings with moldings and frames, crevices that hold whispered stories, cracks and peeling paint that screams of brighter days. I like fountains and tree archways, old train stations, clock towers, old hotel windows with shutters and even tasteful graffiti very much.

     While architecture isn't an area of art that I'm familiar with, I can't help but admire it and have a growing interest for it. What about you? Have you ever seen a building that caught your eye and inspired your admiration? What aspects do you enjoy seeing? Are buildings eye candy for you?

   In the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "...architecture [is] frozen music..."


  1. What an amazing opportunity for you! I loved seeing your pictures and the frozen music! ♥

  2. Beautiful pictures as always and nice written imagery to go with it. I love the idea of buildings bearing the weight of their history. I'm with you in being drawn to the older, worn-in (or worn-out) sorts of buildings.


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