October 20, 2013

Purple + Fences.

It is officially fall. The leaves have said their goodbyes and begun their waltz swinging from partner to partner–branches, crisp breeze and finally a brown carpet of dewy grass. Still, here and there you might find a couple of late bloomers that serve as a last reminder of summer  to be tucked away and the hopefulness of spring to look forward to.

Autumn is time for cable knit sweaters, moccasins and warmer toned colors. 

Top - American Eagle 
Skirt - Tailor-made
Moccasins: American Eagle

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorite shoes that you get to wear during the cooler weather? What do you think, is it time for boots yet?

6 Wonderful people made my day!:

  1. I've already been wearing my snowboots here! Just because it's been so rainy and wet! I have a sweater almost identical to yours--purple sweaters are pretty cool....

  2. Such a pretty outfit! Love purple and your adorable purple mods! Your photo sessions look like fun too!

  3. You look great! The weather is just starting to get a little cooler here and I am loving it. I can finally justify wearing my favorite red sweater!

  4. At the end of last season I bought two pairs of tall boots, one pair brown, one black. I figured with my luck this year they would be out of style! Glad to see people still wearing them..

  5. I'm all about tights. I will hate them by March, but right now, in the first turn of cold weather, I love my tights!

  6. Hate hate hate autum (and any season that isn't summer), but you make it look cute!


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