Sentimental Scarf.

On Thursday I wore a scarf that had been in my hatbox (Explanation: I keep winter accessories in a hatbox) for some time now. Although it is wonderfully warm, colorful, and I love its comfort, it is also very big, so I don't wear it that often because, frankly, I'm just not sure how to wrap big scarves.

This particular one, however, was made for me by an elderly lady from our church in Montreal when we were still living on the East coast. She has passed away since, but her memory is still present with me every time I wear my scarf.
Pink Cardigan – Gap
Tan skirt – H&M
Bow tights – Ardene
Boots – Breckelle's 
Scarf – Homemade Gift
Jeans Coat – Funny Jeans

Do you have any scarves you love and are excited to wear this winter? Are any of them scarves you keep for sentimental reasons?


  1. I love the flower in your hair and your denim coat! And that seems to be a pretty good reason for keeping that scarf--my husband never wears scarves but I know he has one that was made for him by a relative so he always keeps it.

  2. You are so pretty, girl... I was thinking... how can exist a little girl so beautiful like you..

  3. Such a beautiful scarf! What a treasured gift. I have a scarf my mother in law knitted for me when I got engaged to her son. She made it red as it is my favorite color. I treasure it as she passed away only 3 weeks after making it for me. Those gifts of love are the most precious. Love the way you did your hair!

  4. What a beautiful scarf....even more so for the sentimental value of it!

    I have a quirky purple and black striped scarf that I picked up in New York a few years back, guess it means a lot because it was my first visit there, the scarf has done a lot of travelling with me since....and it was also worn on the day I met Alan Rickman. Because I'm in the UK I've had reason to wear it most of the year :D


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