April 29, 2013

Symptoms of Spring.

It seems as though nature has caught the spring bug. Finally! How can I tell? Well, besides the sunny days we have been thoroughly enjoying, there are flowers everywhere! Tulips, lilacs, daffodils, crocuses, and even the pesky dandelions.

One of the first things you must know about my mother is her ardent love for tulips. Mother doesn't necessarily care for roses, but tulips...oh my. I've spoken of this love a couple of times and last spring mother was the happiest of women when we visited the tulip farms nearby. (Check out the post here. It's one of my favorites).

If you remember, we moved into a new home just this past winter and this spring mother was delighted to find that the former owner had planted tulips in the gardens surrounding the house. She's been talking about them so much for the last couple of weeks that I decided to show you.

These are mother's tulips from the front yard:
 So you know how there are "cat ladies" who have real cats and then they fill their home with cat decor? Well, my mother is a "tulip lady." You see, tulips don't last that long and after the real ones are gone you have to wait a whole new year for them to be back again. To remedy this, our home is filled with little tulip trinkets. Paintings, towels, and other things. I'm pretty sure the kid's room is the only room of our house that has escaped. So far, that is. For example, out on the deck, the room of the house with scarcely any furnishing:
Are you getting the picture?
My mother loves tulips.

April 26, 2013

Humor Me Friday.

Humor Me Friday is back this week! 

I still think 13 year olds should not be allowed to post on Facebook. I have no excuses for some things..
This. This is awesome. There are piano notes, it is punny and it is useful. Need I say more?
Oh! Burn! This, this here is true insult.
This is so completely perfect! Especially if that cup is big and can hold just as much tea as if it were a whole cup. I want it.
*sigh* I bought four textbooks this semester that were not used. At all. Period. And then when you try to sell them back, you get less than half of what you paid for. Robbery! Robbery, I say!
Source: All images found on imgfave.com
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April 25, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway!

 I'm back for now, and I will be back again tomorrow for a Humor Me Friday post! But this afternoon I have something special. Remember when I wrote a Firmoo glasses review?
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April 24, 2013

TidBit Thursday.

Wow. It's over!I can't believe Wednesday was my last final for this semester. It went by in a blink of an eye. I can definitely see myself saying the same thing when these four years finish. Wow. It was a wonderful semester in all honesty and like my history professor said yesterday before the final, "I hope you guys can look back to the beginning of the semester and say 'God has been good.'" Indeed I can.
 It was a wonderful four months and even though I'm sure I will enjoy the next four months of academic freedom, a little piece of me actually does look forward to the fall. Yes, actually. :)

 And yes, I have four months until school begins again, which means I probably should be taking summer courses. However, it has been about three years since I've taken summer vacation from school, so I've decided to take a break this month. I took seven classes this semester, so I'm thinking I can afford it. Hopefully.

Anyways. I'm sure I will have much more to say when I get back to blogging, which will be very soon if everything goes according to plan. But for this weekend, I will breathe. What have you been doing? What will you be doing this weekend?


April 17, 2013

TidBit Thursday.

Finals today. As you leave your link, please send up a prayer or good thoughts or both. It's both exciting and scary that this time next week, it will be all over. Summer, I'm ready for you!


April 10, 2013

TidBit Thursday.

Finals. That's what's on my academic menu for the next week. Yes. I am very scared. But then it's over! All over! My first semester will have gone by just like that. I'm not sure that has fully sunk in yet. Speaking of things that haven't fully sunken in yet, I've been published. Yeah.

Okay so for the full story because this is exciting for me! There are three streams of Communications you can chose: Leadership, Media, and Professional Writing. (And then there's the General Stream meaning you take classes from all of these majors and boom you're awesome in all of them, however you have no specialization. Not necessarily a bad thing, means you're versatile.)

As a first year student, I wasn't yet sure what my stream would be. Am not sure actually...so this semester I focused on getting the general eds out of the way as well as a pre-requisite class in COMM (Communication Department) for the higher level classes.

For this introductory class the students were told to chose to write either a cultural critique of a TV show or a journalistic profile of someone. I chose to do a journalistic profile because, honestly, cultural critique requires research and I would much rather interview someone than research. My apologies Mr. Librarians.

Anyhow, when I submitted my journalistic profile (basically an interview/feature piece) for my Professor, she advised me to submit it to the school newspaper, and then went on to say I should consider choosing professional writing as my specialization. So.. I did. Submit my piece to the newspaper that is. To be honest, I didn't very much believe it would end up in the paper, but it did!

Wanna see?
That's my name right there! :)
Anyways, that's what's new. Prayers appreciated for finals. Please forgive my absence, and hurried post. More details and reminiscing and explanations just a couple weeks away! I cannot wait to get all this over with and get back to blogging. I miss it so much and all of you, too! Hold on.. I'm going over there to kick some exams and I'll be right back! :)

What've you been up to? 



April 1, 2013

Trethewey House Museum.

It's Sunday and I'm craving an outfit post. However, I will have to give the same old lame excuse: School. But I finish this month! Yes, prayers, good thoughts, cookies, and warm fuzzy feelings will all be acceptable and needed this last stretch! And then four months with back to "regular" posting, and I have a bunch of great ideas. More on that on Thursday. 

Today I have a post of a different sort (still school related, sort of. Bear with me). For our History class we had an "Experiencing History Assignment". Basically we were to visit a historic site and then write a paper about the narrative it was trying to tell. (Sounds so easy, doesn't it?)

My Prof and I decided I would go to the Trethewey House here in Abby. The website gives a good amount of background and description of the museum, so I won't go into it because I might just end up writing my paper all over again. So.. photos, as always:
Abbotsford was being very.. Abbotsfordy with its dreary skies and drizzle.
The house was built in early 1900s and it belonged to J.O. Trethewey. He was a rich ol' lumberman who owned the Abbotsford Lumber Company, and the house it built on the shore of Mill Lake. It is a large house, richly furnished, and oh my word I want to live there. With a couple of modifications, of course. Like the addition of wifi. One thing I would most certainly keep, is the playhouse. Trethewey's son, Joey, had his very own play house. Like an actual building. An actual house. Just for him! 
Look at all their fanciness.. they had an actual electric fridge! No icebox, whatsoever! Indoor plumbing too! With hot water!

Every couple of months or so, the items in the exhibits are rotated. These china plates, for example are absolutely adorable, but eventually will b put away and new objects will grace the walls.
So lovely! If I were Missie Davis, I'd be able to tell you all about the patters and what they mean. But I'm not. So I just think they're beautiful and I better not touch them. 
The above photo is the maid's bedroom. My bedroom isn't this big and I'm still saving up for a sewing machine. Maybe if I stopped buying so many snacks..?
And outside, Abby continued being Abby... 

TidBit Thursday.

So so very much going on right now. I will explain why this post isn't on the first page in a couple of weeks. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated as I buckle down for the last two weeks of finals and capstone papers. Please tell me what you're up to, I need to know other people are out there living and there's more to life than textbooks, gpa's and papers! :D

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