July 19, 2013

Humor Me Friday.

I'm aliiiive! Promise. :) And I've got a couple of funnies for you. 
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!
I was going to be productive this summer... sometimes I hate the internet.
So silly.
The cuteness!!

July 10, 2013

TidBit Thursday.

As you're reading this I might just be in the airplane that's passing over your town (assuming you live anywhere on the way from Vancouver to São Paulo.)Off to grandma's house again. I'll try to keep posting the linkups for you faithful few who keep coming back and linking up. I'm not sure you all understand just how much I appreciate every link left on here.I thank you, I love you so much and you are my favorite forever. That being said, I do have to again mention that I don't always have internet access in Brazil, so I might not be able to post the link up or other posts on the exact days I usually do (Sunday Style, Humor Me Friday). But I'll try to keep posting because once we get back, the hectic schedule returns with even more things to juggle. So for now, hasta la vista! (I know that's Spanish, but I'd like to take this moment to point out that Brazilians speak Portuguese. Not Brazilian and definitely not Spanish. We love Spanish. But we don't speak it. Just thought.. you know.. I'd put that out there because tomorrow the lady on the flight will inevitably do the announcements in Spanish or a mutilated Portuguese (which I appreciate because they're putting effort into it). Anyways, while we're gone, here are a couple of posts you might have missed: Berry Fest; Canada Day Fireworks, Canada Day Parade. See you again soon! :) 



July 8, 2013

Abbotsford Berry Fest.

It's still an hour away from Tuesday so technically I made it and posted the festival photos on Monday as strictly not promised on Sunday. The berry fest is.. well.. it's kind of like a fair, I guess. And nearby farmers and merchants get to put up tents and sell produce and goods. 
There are quite a few interesting characters...
And magicians...
The Agrifair is a bigger fair that seems to be the biggest of all deals here in Abbotsford. But I wouldn't know because I've never been to one and, unfortunately, we won't be here for this year's either. Maybe next year! :D
Books on sale for a twoonie.
I. love. this.
*squeal and burp a rainbow*
Stands selling all sorts of things:
(these cupcakes are actually bath fizzle thingies)
Mini golf:
Now ain't she gorgeous?
I always thought this place was the cutest thing! It's a little tea house with a clever name. ;)
It's a berry fest so say hello to Ms. Strawberry! 
And then there was this one booth/tent/place that had taken animals that they rescued for all to see. And touch. Turtle:
Snakes (I touched this one! I actually touched it!):
Mother touched this one:
But I zoomed in my lens as far as it would go, snapped this shot and got out of there because look:
And then the last booth we visited was kind of like LegoLand:

July 7, 2013

Berry Blue.

     Abbotsford gets really busy during the summer. There are parades, fireworks and this weekend we had a berry fest. Today we went out to see what the berry fest brought to town, but those pictures are for another day (I won't say when I'm posting it because every time I say I'm going to post about something on a certain day it doesn't work. So I won't tell you that I'm planning on posting the pictures tomorrow so that I don't jinx it.)

     It was refreshing to not have to find a corner here in the backyard to take outfit styles and I think taking the photos at the fest give a more candid look. It's less awkward, too. Hehe. I wore another dress, today. Obviously during my hunt for the perfect dress I've found a few that are holding me over until I find the one. Also, this is what happens when I let my hair grow long, wash it and then let it air dry. BOOM-POOF-FRIZZ. Oh look it's Mia Thermopolis pre-Paolo! Enjoy.
White top - Ardene (previously seen here)
Dress - Smart Set
Flip-flops - Brazil (previously seen here)
See you tomorrow when I finally get around to posting the Berry Fest Photos!
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