August 31, 2013


Might I share with you a little of what I love? A little of why my heart aches to go back to Brazil as often as possible? This..
Some of my mother's uncles, my grandfather (farthest right), daddy, and mother's brother in law and brother (farthest left and third from left to right respectively.) This was on the Brazilian father's day hence the photos of all the dads.
This is Lucinda. She and my mother were friends during second grade and after that year they hadn't seen each other since. Lucinda continued living in the same town they grew up in and mother left to accompany dad all over the place where his job took him. Then this year after 38 years apart they were finally able to meet again and catch up. It was pretty sweet and so very cool! :)
So many aunts, uncles, cousins (and a big part is missing because people were passing by all day, the pictures register those that stayed around for photos).
My grandparents and their two daughters.
Family reunions - I'm lovin' it. 

Did you have time for family reunions this summer? When do you usually get together? Do you think it's a pain or do you enjoy it? Enjoy it for those of us who wish we were close enough to have reunions more often, please!

August 30, 2013

Humor Me Friday.

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone. :) This is my last weekend before the new school year begins. I'm not sure whether to be excited, nervous, or both. Probably both. :) So let's get the weekend started properly with a couple of giggle, shall we?
A giggle and an "awww" in this case. She's such a cutie pie!
Aaaannnd, that's how you apologize!
See? Now that's reliable weather reporting right there... ;)
*cough* Electronics packaging *cough*
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August 28, 2013

Girl Interrupted.

     I'm back to editing photos and post making today. My last post was a little premature because I kind of forgot that an important event on Monday might interrupt my blogging activities. On Monday I got braces. And yes, that's an important event. (You'll know all about this and other things that have happened this summer so much sooner if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter)

     I'm 18 years old, in my freshman year at university and I have wires in my mouth. So I won't pretend it isn't something that will change my life, because it will. Eventually for the better, but for now more towards uncomfortable. Monday was quite busy, I caught up with a friend over the last breakfast I would have sans braces for a while. (The Dr. says my treatment should last just under two years.) Then I was at the ortho office from 12:00a.m. to 2:40p.m. Yeah, it took a while. 

     I've known I need braces for years already, but because we move around so much it was hard to decide to commit to years of treatment without knowing if we would be staying near that ortho office for the duration of treatment. What if we had to move and begin the (no inexpensive) process all over again somewhere else? But now that I'm getting older, we decided we'd waited long enough and we'd just go ahead. Now I'm in university and, in my mind (my parent's don't quite like this idea), if we have to move, I'll just stay in dorms until I finish university and braces treatment. 

     So, does it hurt? Yes. Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing. The first day it wasn't really any big deal. It hurt much less than I was bracing myself (pun totally intended) for. Then I mentioned it wasn't hurting and I probably jinxed it because yesterday, the second day, it hurt something fierce. It's a really weird type of pain. Like you got something stuck in your teeth and it's so much pressure on them. It's a dull pain that you can ignore almost, but then there come the headaches, and before you know it you're clenching your teeth and sometimes you kind of want to throw up because it hurts. So you have breakfast and in your overzealousness to keep your braces in perfect condition so the Dr. knows you're a good girl next month, you go brush your teeth. That kills. But you don't think it hurt enough, so you floss. And now you're in a little ball in the corner of the room sobbing and swearing to never come near tooth-floss ever again. 

     That's when you lay down and watch Top Chef so you can stay still. Until all that food they make makes you ravenous....and you get up and realize you can't eat anything solid. (Tried that that morning. Bit into a rice cracker. I might have cried a little.) So you eat mashed potatoes. Which is great and all, but you're wondering how much weight you're going to lose with this liquid or baby food diet. I kinda like my current weight. But today is better. :) And apparently this is an awesome excuse to eat ice cream all day. Not complaining about that part. And thankfully, school starts next week so I have until then to breathe a little and get prepared and used to these things.

     Anyways, I'd have a better photo for you all, but my camera is being a little fussy and a trip to a Geek Squad station appears to be necessary. So Photo Booth camera anyone?

Here's a before photo:
My cousin and I a couple of Christmases ago. Notice the crooked smile (mine) and straight smile (hers). 
And now a during photo:

Well hello there, Ugly Betty with your glasses and braces! (I'm laughing at myself not spiraling down a hole of unhealthy self-criticism. Please calm down.)
The elephant on my shirt needs braces too.
So.. do you come here often? This is my creepy smile.
Oh come on. We all now I can rock this look. Yes I suffer from deceivedness. It's okay.
And the after treatment photos, well, let's hope they're here soon and worth it all. :)
Have you ever had to wear braces? Have any tips? How was it? I'd love to hear your story, or if your kids have/had/will have to have braces, do tell! And if you're contemplating getting them, let's be in this together! If you've never needed them, then count your blessings. But here's to all of us with metal in our mouths. (Metal?! Do these things set off security at the airport? Oh darn, as if it wasn't annoying to pass through security already...)

August 25, 2013


     Every time we go to Brazil it's a big hurry to get to visit all (or at least the greater part) of our family. Unfortunately they don't live all in one city, so we travel from grandparent's place to the other's (a 8-9 hour road trip.) On our way back, we try to stop every year to have a family reunion with my mother's aunts, uncles, cousins and family. They live in a town called Boituva. 

     Boituva is well known in the state of São Paulo as the city of skydiving. As you pass the city on the highway, you look up and see tiny specs falling from airplanes up above. As these specs plummet closer to you they open up a lifesaving patch of canvass and the thrilling plummet morphs into an awe-inspiring glide. 
This year I stayed down on the ground looking up and photographing. What say you? Let's jump next year? Would you be brave enough? Have you ever done anything like this?

August 22, 2013


Flying is what time seems to be really good at these days. I'm sorry for the silence. This time we went to Brazil I decided that instead of frantically searching for wifi and taking hours to take photos, select edit and put together a post, I'd simply enjoy my vacation. I don't really regret that decision.

My family - minus Daddy who worked the bigger part of the trip - took forty days to enjoy spending time with family and friends in Brazil. It seems like out of all the times we've been to Brazil, this time the days flew by that much faster. There was so much to do and so much we did and yet so much left to be accomplished next time. I can't wait to be back, but for now, I guess I owe myself and you some quality blogging time. :) 

We arrived yesterday evening and I'll be unpacking my bags and the memories wrapped inside. Hopefully these will be put on display here. I'm planning on starting with the easier posts first (photos) in order to get into the groove of things and end with the harder posts (written pieces + maybe the editorial photo-shoot. I got my dress for it fixed! ). But if you've been around Papa is a Preacher for a while, you know things really almost never go according to plan. Still, hang in there with me, please. And thank you so much for being here now that I'm back. 

Here's to Fall 2013 and all the news it will bring. :)
Balloon flying over Boituva, São Paulo, Brazil. August 2013.

August 7, 2013

A Sign of Life.

I'm just passing by to say that indeed I am yet alive... 
Getting ready to say good-bye to summer. How will you be waving good-bye to (my) favorite season?
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