October 27, 2013

Knit Beret + Stripes.

It's still Sunday! Technically, anyways. This is the simplest of all outfits, but it's what I wore to school this week. I love these flats. They're so comfy and I personally think the bow is quite lovely. Too bad the velvet like exterior got somewhat wet from the grass that was wet from this morning's rain so it looks somewhat stained in the photo below. But they're super comfy, so they matched my outfit well. :)

Knit Beret - Ardéne

Cardigan - Thrifted

Skirt - JACOB

Bow Flats - Brazil

October 20, 2013

Purple + Fences.

It is officially fall. The leaves have said their goodbyes and begun their waltz swinging from partner to partner–branches, crisp breeze and finally a brown carpet of dewy grass. Still, here and there you might find a couple of late bloomers that serve as a last reminder of summer  to be tucked away and the hopefulness of spring to look forward to.

Autumn is time for cable knit sweaters, moccasins and warmer toned colors. 

Top - American Eagle 
Skirt - Tailor-made
Moccasins: American Eagle

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorite shoes that you get to wear during the cooler weather? What do you think, is it time for boots yet?

October 12, 2013

Furs + Vests.

Just popping in for a quick Sunday Style post. Fall comes and with it school and work and busy schedules–schedules that I have to dress up for. So I'm going to try to document some of them again like I did earlier this year. I'm sure you'll see pieces from the spring incorporated into outfits for fall and winter. I'm sorry but I don't have different fall wardrobes.. I just adapt. I hope you find recycling outfits and pieces to be interesting and fun! :D

 This is what I wore to school last Thursday.
Vest + Hair Bow - Forever 21
Cable Knit Top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Jeans Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - All-Stars
I LOVE this vest and these shoes. I tried to refrain from wearing the shoes too often while I could still wear flats, but the days are cooler now and it's sneakers weather! It's also vest weather. Puffy and warm vests because they don't have sleeves and are therefore lighter than jackets, but still so cozy! 
What are some of your favorite pieces that you get to bring out when the cooler weather arrives?

October 4, 2013

An Affair With Autumn.

I love you, summer. But autumn and I have had this date with each other from the beginning.
(You get a cookie if you catch that reference.)

In autumn I surround myself with deep people and deep books. It's a time of depth, to create roots to last through the winter and its gloomy days.

Another very autumn-like morning!  *sigh* While I'm not sure I'm ready to say good-bye to summer just yet, I know I'm ready to say hello to autumn.

There's something so magical about seeing leaves flutter towards the earth. I'm not sure there's a word to describe the feeling, but maybe that's the beauty of words–sometimes they're not enough to capture our feelings. 

Autumn is the absolute perfect season to have schoolwork. It keeps you busy so you don't get too depressed because of the darker days, and what better weather to curl up with chunky textbooks than weather for bulky sweaters, scarfs and socks and hot beverages with cookies? 

Autumn means I can finally stand my laptop on my lap again. And if we're being honest, use it as a lap warmer too. Admit it. You do it too.
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