Snow Day.

I'm sitting in Philosophy class and there's a debate on Divine Command Theory. I'm going to avoid getting too much involved in a heated discussion, by distracting myself with posting photos of our snow day here in Abbotsford. It was Vini's first week here and we got our biggest (and only) snow day of the year.

So we went outside and built a snowman, and I photographed our neighborhood wrapped up in its cozy white blanket of silence and peace. 

And thank you so much to our trusty mail man. Rain or shine or snow.. he's always there. :)

Did you have a snow day? Or are you in the part of the continent that had many snow days? 
How did you survive all the white stuff?


  1. We got 14 inches here, and I stayed home from work today as the roads at 4 am were still bad and had to plow out. Hubby left for work now (they postponed opening until 11:00!). I am going to spend the day crafting and having tea! Loved our photos, especially the one of the two of you in parkas!

  2. A beautiful winter wonderland! I miss the snow since we moved to the south, but we got a cool ice storm. Here in Savannah it changes all the time, that is probably why I got sick. Now we are enjoying 70 degrees where last week was in the 30's. Nuts! Good days to knit, make chilli and a good book


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