Post 1: TWU Library

My last final has been submitted and my brain is an absolute mesh with no original content. I am tired; I am weak; I am worn. 

I'm sitting in the upper floor of the library procrastinating doing every other thing I should be doing and this is my view.

I'm procrastinating finishing work by waiting for a friend, but what keeps bugging me is that it has been too long since I had to cultivate my own content with my own rules without fear of being reduced to a number or letter. I like grades. But I've become reduced to thinking only terms of them. 

It has become a constant topic never far away from my mind–the overuse of my time and brain to develop content dictated to me. The spewing of facts and information guided by others and in format they require. It's not that it's all bad. I love school.

But we need balance, right? I need to have my own stuff too.

So for the next month, I will do what I can to loosen these shackles because once I leave this place my thoughts, ideas and voice are what will count, right? Let's go with that.

What should I write about? Do you have any ideas?

Let's Go...


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