January 21, 2014

Snow Day.

I'm sitting in Philosophy class and there's a debate on Divine Command Theory. I'm going to avoid getting too much involved in a heated discussion, by distracting myself with posting photos of our snow day here in Abbotsford. It was Vini's first week here and we got our biggest (and only) snow day of the year.

So we went outside and built a snowman, and I photographed our neighborhood wrapped up in its cozy white blanket of silence and peace. 

And thank you so much to our trusty mail man. Rain or shine or snow.. he's always there. :)

Did you have a snow day? Or are you in the part of the continent that had many snow days? 
How did you survive all the white stuff?

January 15, 2014


     I realize my blog posts have become sporadic and random lately...While Papa is a Preacher is the equivalent of "home" for me on the internet, it has been exciting to be so busy at "home" (and it's surrounding areas outside of my comfort zone) in the real world.

     I'm currently a piano teacher teaching intro to piano to kids, and also hold a position as a Social Media TA at my school. This spring I have started my second year of university (what?!) and am enjoying school immensely. The family is doing well. Dad still traveling, mother still keeping us together and sane, Victor has canoes instead of feet and is two weeks away from being my height or passing me completely. But I suppose the most recent news would be...

    Once upon a time.. . 

In a far far away land named Brazil...

there lived a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl were four years old. Their parents were preachers and preacher's wives, so they all worked together in nearby churches. The boy and the girl got to see each other at least once a week, and grew up together for about a year.

Then the girl's papa was sent to be a preacher all the way in Dallas, TX. The girl, who was now five years old, didn't even know there was more to the world than the great big country of Brazil. She kind of forgot about the boy except for stories her mother would tell her about her growing up years in Brazil. But the boy didn't forget her.

Years later, the girl was living in Toronto, and the boy had moved around all over Brazil. They were now thirteen years old. 

The boy's aunt and her family, also missionaries, were moving all the way from South America where they had been missionaries in French Guiana to Montreal, Quebec. So they stayed at the girl's house for a little while when they first arrived. 

The boy, wanting to get in touch with his aunt, messaged the girl for the very first time on MSN. (MSN was cool back then. It was like iMessages, or snapchat, or "insert what is a cool form of instant communication today here.")

And so.. . it began.

For the next three or so years the boy and the girl would talk every day for as long as they could until their parents made them go to bed or do something other than spend hours upon hours on the computer in each other's company. One Sunday they hit their record of speaking to each other for 8 hours straight. It was the craziest of time, but it was also the happiest of times. The boy and the girl became best friends.

But then the boy and the girl began high school, and they both had quite a bit of growing up to do. Their time on MSN lessened greatly. While they still kept in touch, it wasn't quite the same. Something had changed. 

After a while, their conversations got a little bit steadier, a little bit longer and a little bit more like the familiar way it was before. But the girl was still very hesitant. She wanted to make sure that their conversations were very...friendly. And nothing more. The boy was ok with that. He waited.

And waited.

For a seemingly long time he waited. Then one summer, when the girl was visiting her family in Brazil, she went to a big youth conference that the boy was also attending. There, he gave her a book and walked away leaving it up to the girl to read only what she could handle.

In the blank pages of the book, the boy had written her a letter which told a very similar story to this one. About a boy and a girl. Except, in the letter's story it was very clear that the boy was very much in love with the girl. 

The girl kind of freaked out.

But she was allowed to control the dosage in which she took in this new information; the boy simply waited. It took long months for the girl to be comfortable with the story and to even allow herself to ask whether she loved the boy in the story back. She was very scared, you see. For no more apparent reason than the realization that love isn't a trifle. While she gathered up her courage, she still talked to the boy. 

Every day...night. Both.

The old camaraderie came back, and the girl remembered why they were best friends. By this time the boy and the girl were eighteen. The boy started a "grown up job" and they both started university. Together they faced the uncertainty that is freshman year, and together they stayed up late on Saturday nights trying to work around terrible internet connections and a six hour time difference just to talk about nothing and everything like old times.

And then, all of a sudden, the girl didn't have to ask herself anymore whether or not she was in love with the boy. All of a sudden, softly and without fireworks, she just knew. 

That summer, when she returned to Brazil to visit her family, the boy, who had just turned nineteen, was at the airport to pick her up. Then he visited her at her aunt's house, and then all of a sudden it wasn't just her aunt's house anymore, it was their aunt's house.

And then their Facebook status update was filled with comments from people who had known them since they were four years old who "already knew" and who typed "finally's" in all caps and proclaimed that they were "happier than we could possibly understand." 

Especially the preacher's wives. And the aunt in Montreal. 

But they weren't happier than the girl. She doesn't show it very much, she's kind of quiet that way, but if you know her well enough you'll notice she's the happiest she's ever been. The boy's pretty happy too.

There's only this one fact that keeps them a little less happy: over 10,000km between them.

And here, while they enjoy and struggle with a long distance relationship, is where you pick up their story....

Click Here for an (Edited) Somewhat of a Formal Introduction and Pictures. 
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