The One With More News.

Although the busy-ness never lulls, I couldn't let these days pass without mention....

Our engagement came as a surprise to, well frankly, nobody that knew us. Our friendship has run deep for so many years now, and we have overcome the distance through God's grace ever since it began. 

When we began dating, we debated wedding dates in order to fix our eyes on a point when the distance would end. It was between this year or the next. 
During the GC Session this past fall, Vini and I knew that whatever was decided would mean a change. We have both fallen in love with British Columbia, and our hope was, and still is, to stick around here for a while. If my parents ended up moving, I would stay. But neither of us wanted me to stay here alone. 
My dad's transfer back to the USA prompted us to fix a date sooner rather than later—2016 it is.
"So, my dad's been reelected."
"I heard...So, I guess that means they're moving, huh?"
"I guess, eventually."
"So, that means we're getting married, right?"
While the proposal came later, planning a long distance wedding in less than a year waits for no logical timeline. We began arrangements that same month, and here we are. 
The week I handed in my last final exam of the semester in December, Vini arrived. That same week, we celebrated our engagement with a photoshoot with the amazing Megan Benger
It was a lovely day reserved just for us, because it was the only clear and sunny day in all of that week. It was still frigid weather, and our hands were so very cold, but the view was so stunning and Megan's photos so worth it, that I'm immensely grateful we stuck to it. 

Thank you so much for the stunning photos, Megan! We had so much fun, despite the cold, and we've loved showing off the photos. They're truly lovely.

I include the photo below because I find it hilarious that in so many of our photos we look like we're trying so hard because we had to constantly remember to smile, or our faces would freeze in serious resting faces in response to the cold. Cue the hands in pocket or squished between us to keep warm.

After spending a wonderful month of holidays and wedding planning together, Vini has gone back home. We have somewhat role reversed, if we subscribe to that mentality. He's dealing with our wedding planner and vendors, and I am dealing with apartment hunting, putting down offers, and waiting to hear back from immigration services. 

It's such an exciting time. With all the moving we did growing up, both of us have, admittedly, grown addicted to new beginnings, and we're so looking forward to our very own. 

In other words, keep us in your prayers and send us good thoughts because the journey has only just begun, and there's lots more news to come! 


  1. I haven't read through blogs in such a while and low and behold I come her to such wonderful news. Congratulations to the both of you. I am so very happy that you are happy. Wishing all the sparkles that married life brings xx

  2. I love you guys and will definitely keep you in my prayers! So excited for all that is to come for you two! :D

  3. Such fabulous news! Congrats to you both.

  4. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! Still, every time I see your pictures pop up on my news feed. The squealing and happy dance all over again. This is all exactly as it should be. All of it. I'm so excited for you! So, so.

  5. I have long since fallen off the wagon of regular blogging, but every once in a while I stumble my way back and peek in on everyone from the old days. I have missed so much! Congratulations, Larissa! You look so happy and so grown up. :)

  6. Loved your pre wedding photos. Pleased to have these ideas here. We are making plans for a beautiful outdoor pre wedding session. Will be visiting popular Seattle Venues and will get some memorable clicks there.


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