The One With More More News.

On December 17, 2015, my parents, brother, Vini, and I piled into my parents' Ford wagon and—after a quick stop at a gas station flower shop for a nosegay—made our way to downtown Vancouver. A light powder flurried down on the highway, and we continued driving.

After about an hour, my father dropped us off at the Waterfront Station where a marriage commissioner and our photographer (Megan Benger <3) were waiting for us. We gathered at a corner of the busy station and repeated vows after the commissioner. We signed the papers, hugged our witnesses, and made the Christmas-ready city the background for our photos. Then, off to Nuba for lunch.

 Vini's family wasn't able to make it for our legal wedding, so we took pictures with pictures of them. 

Well, hello FedEx ! :P

We sent off Vini's Permanent Residency application with a copy of our brand new marriage certificate, and after a few weeks that flew by buried in wedding prep said goodbye for the last time in our long-distance relationship.



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